Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

It is easy enough to walk by or ignore the needs of another

But it is a successful way to live? What if everyone felt this way? Would you ignore the suffering of your neighbor, of the suffering of your pet, or of your mom? How about the guy down the street? Or what about some miscellaneous child you've never met suffering in another country? Should or would anyone care if you broke your leg in a foreign city, and further since no one knows you, would it be better and simply more practical and expedient to drag you off to the gutter along the side of the road in downtown Mogadishu? Heck sakes, for sure no one in Somalia knows your name or the sound of your voice. Would you matter there? Should you matter? Is it efficient to do so? After all, you tripped on that curb and why should anyone have to expend energy or resources for something that is apparently your fault.

There is little in the way of logic I have to explain this, but there is something more than the practical which intimately surrounds all of our lives. I meet many new folks every week -- some healthy, some sick, and some dying. I may never see these people again but their lives matter to someone or someone's family, so they matter to me.
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