Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Silver Maple


Yesterday, I witnessed a baby being born as his mother stood in registration. I was getting her a wheelchair but as I was bringing the chair into the room for her, he wouldn't be denied and within a matter of seconds, there he was. Fortunately, the attending physician and several nurses were up front in a flash and this new little guy with a full head of hair started crying, accompanied by lots of “oooing” and “ahhhing”. The mother apologized, but really it was a wonderful thing to see a new life come into the world in such dramatic and unexpected fashion.

The beginning of life is as much a part of life as is the end and while the losses we all face are often difficult, there is balance here.

Last night, I heard the rain pouring (with a decent happiness) on the roof and I felt lucky to be a part of and intimately connected to so many lives.

My dad used to feed the birds when I was young. He is gone now, as are many in my family, but it is always made right by the memories I have, and those birds which I see today are no different than the ones I remember at the feeder in the long-gone silver maple on Shepherd Terrace. In me, is their everlasting legacy.

Bring it on.
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