Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

The box is often just as important as the contents

Several weeks ago, I purchased a new Weller soldering iron. The iron is fine, however the cord has a hard plastic feel to it and is rather inflexible. The case is molded hollow high-density polyethylene, which in itself is okay -- however it was constucted with two snap catches that are guaranteed to defy and hurt anyone who tries to open them barehanded. It is also very difficult to shove the iron in the case and close the lid without the cord spewing out and getting pinched in the margins of the case. Of course, the tactile experience with my newer Sears Craftsman cordless drill and charger is nearly the same.

I would gladly pay extra for rubbery cords and catches that are humane. The Milwaulkee Sawzall I have, came with a fine red metal case, easy-to-use metal latches and a wonderfully flexible cord.

* * *

On warm days, the dusty attic smell swirls around the yard. It's a mix of asphalt shingling, felt-paper, plywood, forgotten Christmas decorations, and long-yellowed newspaper. All of these are somehow linked to me, some of which I have nearly forgotten, but still remind me of home.
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