Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Oh my

Whichever political side of the wall you fall, please stop constantly pointing out all of the ‘bad’ qualities of the other side and spend just a little more effort highlighting some of the ‘good’ qualities of your candidate or party.

It is easy and requires much less forethought and intelligence to take slag someone, especially with so many of these notions taken well out of context, or enhanced with various forms of propaganda found equally in right and left media sources. Not that it isn’t important to point out atrocious behavior, but often these tirades end-up being more subjective than absolute.

This tends to go well beyond politics and it seems this practice of always searching for the bad in a person, may subtly change your own heart in ways so that eventually it will be primarily all you see in anyone – good or bad.

Being conservative, doesn’t make you a monster and neither does being liberal. There are good and honest folks on both sides and everywhere in-between.
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