Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

A ridiculously long sentence fragment with an unstated conclusion

And for all the times as a boy that I rejected what I knew was right and for all the family holiday dinners that seemed so much less important than they really were and all the friends that I treated cruelly, and for my children when I wasn't really that great of a single parent, and for the relationships that were less than healthy, and for the times I ignored my friends and for the days when I brought my work home when I should have been paying more attention to my family, and for the nickel of milk money that I took out of Sharon's desk in the 3rd grade, and for stupid argument I had with my wife in Penn Station and for the way I made fun of people and for the deck of playing cards that I stole from Loo's Pharmacy and for the seventeen cars that I vandalized with spray paint and for the times of being so angry about cancer that I lost my patience and kindness, and for the days that I just didn't feel like going to the VA Hospital to see my dad, and for all the returnable soda bottles I stole from the back of the Hudson to cash in at two cents each, and for a list that could run on forever...
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