Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Just like the sound of your clearing throat or rattle of your newspaper

It would be a night when I was awake at 4am and felt afraid until I heard you snoring in the next room. One of the things that irritate most folks, was always to me, a source of great comfort. Even though you were older than many, I knew you were still on this earth and you made the decisions that I only thought I wanted to make. You gladly took them from my hands and for this, I am grateful.

At your gray-painted workbench, you had a spicy smell which I thought a father should have -- sweat, sawdust, and soil. When I work on projects alone, I still crave what is now part of my heart and hands. We tore apart telephones, made wooden boxes and even wired a battery to a light and a bell just for fun.

And how you loved to harmonize...

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