Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

I learn something (about taking care of myself) from you

We talk about your father’s work at J & L Steel and how you met your partner in the 40’s at West View Park’s Danceland. You tell me that your parents staunchly did not want you to marry. Even so, you married, went fishing together and ultimately raised your family along the banks of the Ohio. Now in your 90’s, you look at each other knowing what the other will say before it is expressed. We talk about: the old theaters in the once big steel town – you can name at least three, all of which sound grand; the loss of the trolley line; and shoulder-to-shoulder shopping on well-dressed Saturdays.

Your parents and most of your siblings are gone, yet you keep moving forward. I ask how you get your groceries and you mention that one of you still drive, but it seems not for much longer. Then I wonder who will take care of this for you, especially since they closed the nearby Foodland. You tell me your pain and discomfort somewhat lessened while we talked and I’ve had the best night ever.
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