Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Worn in Glorious Circles

In the fifties, my parents were newly married. The house was new and all the trim was fresh with carefully stained pine wood. The freshness of our home was substantially changed by years of running the vacuum into that new molding along with the dinging of walls and trim with numerous furniture rearrangements, several carpet changes, door slamming, random kid scribbles and later many inadvertent wheel chair scrapes.

Now, I look at the house where I was the parent and many of the same kind of marks are there: a dented cold-air return, a bathroom door jamb that was broken during a kid fight, door knobs that rattle, more wheelchair scrapes, overspray paint marks on concrete from hastily completed school projects, and windows with broken latches.

And to think, some folks have homes that are never worn -- living rooms where no one is allowed to tread (one step away from putting up velvet ropes on brass stands), perfectly vacuum-striped carpet and couches covered with protective layers of clear vinyl.

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