Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Questions in the Truth, We see

If we keep searching for words that support our preconceived notions and then with equal fervor, seek words that refute or tear down anything opposite to what we believe, how will this ultimately affect us? Will we ever find enough goodness in our own hearts to quench the fire of adversarial ideology?

It’s so simple, but unproductive to parse through social media or continuously watch a particular news channel, mentally banking those assertions to which we agree and then vehemently rejecting those of opposite thought.
It seems to make folks subservient to a particular and prefabricated line of thought, rather than to reason. At the end of their lives, will they have done much to change to world, other than to successfully express anger?

“If I scroll just a little more, I can tip the scales more towards me”, but does it really ever satisfy us?

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