Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

“And all the news just repeats itself”

It seems that in an ever-growing fashion, whenever I look at my Facebook feed, an overwhelming portion of it appears as an inane and repeating bin of opposition “news”. I suppose it is what folks want and there is little I should or can do to change it. Of course, there are valid ideas that can be put forth, but many of these assertions are so filled with such cruelty and hatred, that I don’t care to experience them. To be honest, it physically makes my stomach churn. While there are a few gems of writers there that look into their hearts to write, much of what I read there is impulsive, unresearched and unkind armchair commentary.

I prefer not to grow older this way and I believe at the end of our lives that the measure of how we are remembered or how we changed the world, will seldom be found in such visceral demonstrations.

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