Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas


It is interesting how many “news” items can be twisted oppositely as propaganda depending on the ideology of the writer. Are we really so blinded by our preconceptions or our hatred such that 1+1=1 for one side and 1+1=3 for the other? I’ve recently taken to reading some of the more popular boutique news sites, simply to try to get a better understanding of how or why this happens.

The things I keep coming up with are:

• The truth often lies somewhere in the middle
• While they may be unkind, uninformed, unethical or immoral, people commonly depicted as pure evil, usually aren’t
• I would rather try to sort out the truth from a mainstream media source, employing educated journalists, than from some individual or small group who starts an internet news service with limited resources or credentials
• If we personally held ourselves to the same high standards we hold for people of notoriety, we’d typically rank about the same or perhaps even less.
• Articles from many news services often are more click-bait for advertising rather than for providing useful and/or accurate information
• Words and phrases in headlines where the person of interest is “Schooled”, “Hammered”, “Taken Down” or “Destroyed” commonly belie the true content of the article

“Collectively, if we keep searching for the wrong in each other or in some other side, we may never find much good in anyone -- and it will surely become our addiction and sustenance, putrid as it may be.”
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