Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Picking the creosote from the tarry side of the telephone pole

There was a time when all the streetlights came on at once. Before the days of light-sensing electronics, neighborhood lighting was usually controlled by a timer and this timing was often used as a standing order for kids to come home on summer nights. Many of these lamps had the large socketed (Mogul E39) incandescent lamps which were laid bare for anyone handy with a slingshot or BB gun. The reflectors were reminiscent of wrinkled pie plates but now they remind me of the emotional security I felt growing up on Shepherd Terrace. Whether it was playing kick-the-can, fiddling around with calcium carbide, or picking berries from the large mulberry tree, it was good to know that my parents made most of the tough decisions.

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