Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

We are all just one step away

His elderly wife and I struggled mightily for about ten minutes to get him out of their car. His legs were swollen and ulcerated with severe cellulitis and he was very weak. All through this process he apologized profusely to his wife and to me.

Later, in the treatment room, he expressed remorse for being such a burden to others and especially to his wife. I know firsthand that caring for an ailing partner can, at times, be very difficult but it was good to see her trepidation in taking care of the man she loved.

We are all so close to experiencing failing health but it is reassuring to know that such suffering can also be met with a loving hand. It may not make the disease better, but it surely makes it more bearable.

As I was leaving for the night, I briefly stopped by another room to offer a warm blanket and this frail person remarked how much she just wanted to feel better and it made me sad for her and the things I cannot change.
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