Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

We become what we seek

It seems the more we identify and enumerate the faults in another’s way of doing or thinking, the less opportunity there will be able to see the good in others. With age, this pattern often begins to encase and solidify our personalities in such a way that we can become profoundly and often irreversibly affected.

I remember after my dad had his serious of strokes, he became extremely critical and suspicious of nearly everything my mother did and as a result my mom became very resentful in caring for him. During their last few years, they shared a great amount of disdain and acrimony for each other. It’s hard to reckon this memory as I try to push aside this part of their lives together by focusing on the “better days”. At least, I’m able to attribute much of this to the uncontrollable result of a cerebral vascular accident. On the other hand, by free choice, we are all potentially one step away from becoming a cranky old person.

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